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Discourse Media collaborates with nine journalist fellows from around the world to report on energy poverty. This collaborative multimedia series will examine systemic issues driving energy poverty around the world, and potential paths forward.

Discourse Media has selected the finalists for the Access to Energy Journalism Fellowship (AEJF) — a project aimed at enabling critical, deep reporting on energy poverty globally. 

Engaging Energy Dialogues – From Local to Global

pril 18-23, 2016

WGSI is bringing organizations in the Waterloo Region with an interest in sustainability and energy issues together under the #PowerShiftWR banner for a week of public programming that will engage all ages in discussions about our energy choices.

 #PowerShiftWR complements the globally focused OpenAccess Energy Summit by bringing a local lens to the energy access topic.

Stay tuned for partner and event announcements 

OpenAccess Energy Summit
April 24-27, 2016

WGSI Summits bring together an invited group of approximately 40 multinational, multidisciplinary, and multigenerational stakeholders to develop actionable solutions to a complex global problem. 

OpenAccess Energy is the third Summit hosted by WGSI and will focus on electricity provision for energy services in energy isolated communities. 

Learn more about the Summit and read the OpenAccess Energy Brief


Energy transitions: a future without fossil energies is desirable, and it is eventually inevitable, but the road from today's overwhelmingly fossil-fueled civilization to a new global energy system based on efficient conversions of renewable flows will be neither fast nor cheap. Distinguished Professor and author Vaclav Smil explores technological transitions of past, present and future that are critical for understanding how to shift to a low carbon future.