Solar Panels in Arlington, TX – Costs and Reviews

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Arlington, Texas?

The average cost of solar panels in Arlington is between $2.50 to $2.75 per watt. This means an average system of course 6 megawatts will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $15,000 and $16,500. It’s important to remember, of course, this is before any rebates, incentives, or tax credits are applied, so the price can ultimately fall by thousands of dollars.

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What are the benefits of going solar? 

According to Energysage, the state of Texas currently has several incentives in place for those who want to add a solar power system to their home. Some of them are:

  • Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing: Otherwise known as “PACE”, or “Property Assessed Clean Energy” financing, it gives Texans the ability to finance their solar installation by doing an assessment on their property. The amount financed  can be paid through property taxes on an annual basis until the entire system is paid off. Not all local governments offer PACE programs, however, so make sure to inquire before making a decision on how to go about your solar installation.
  • Texas Interconnection Standards: State standards for electric interconnection are set up so that connecting your solar collection system to the grid should be easier, less complex and, maybe most importantly of all, cheaper. 
  • Texas Energy Rebates: The state of Texas does not offer an overall state rebate, but many local utilities and governments do. So it is wise to check in with your local government or utility company and ask what rebates or incentives (if any) they offer. Different areas handle it differently, sometimes paying the homeowner an amount of money after the installation, or in some cases paying a portion of the installer’s bill. 
  • Texas Property Tax Exemptions for Energy: The state of Texas is known for through-the-roof property taxes, so any break in Texas is a huge benefit. Texas offers property tax exemptions on solar collection systems which allow individuals and commercial properties to be upgraded with solar energy capabilities without adding to the assessed value of the property- and consequently not increasing their property tax responsibility
  • And never forget the federal tax credit! Currently the federal government offers a tax credit of 26% of the cost of your system, so you’re actually saving quite a lot off this one all by itself. 
  • Net Metering: Texas does not mandate any form of net metering by law. However, many local providers and municipalities offer this benefit. More on what exactly net metering is later in this article, but in short it is a method by which you can “sell” your excess power back into the grid. Check with your local electricity provider on net metering policies before embarking on a solar installation project. 
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How much will the addition of solar panels increase my home’s value?

Not to mention your home resale value will more than likely increase drastically with the addition of solar panels. Estimates range anywhere from $15-20,000, so your solar system will likely increase the value of your home by more than it actually costs. Keep in mind again, this has nothing to do with any rebates, incentives, tax credits, etc, so instantly adding far more value to your home than what you actually paid is a big plus. 

What is the “Payback” period for Solar Panels in Arlington, Texas? 

Taking the average of several internet sources, it looks like your “payback” time for solar panels in Arlington is going to be somewhere between 9 and 12 years, depending on several factors, such as home size, average electricity usage, how big of a system you install, etc. And while that may seem like a long time, keep in mind the average lifespan of commercial solar panels is around 25 years, meaning once they’ve “paid for” themselves, you can look at it as you getting free electricity for the next 12-15 years, and that can lead to tens of thousands of dollars of savings over the years. 

How do I get solar panels installed in Arlington, Texas?

Arlington proper is a little skimpy on solar installers- there only appear to be somewhere in the area of 10-12 companies IN Arlington who do it. However, if you expand your search to the nearby municipalities of Dallas and Fort Worth, things open up nicely, with those numbers more than doubling. So that being said, we are not going to limit our search to Arlington, but will instead examine multiple companies from the greater metro area. 

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The first company we’re going to look at is “Kosmos Solar”. First, a few vitals-

Company Name: Kosmos Solar
Address: 1320 Post N Paddock St Ste 500, Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Reviews: Five stars on facebook (26 reviews), 4.4 / 5 on Solarreviews (17 reviews), 5 / 5 on Homeadvisor (9 reviews)
The Good: Good reviews, good looking, informative and easy-to-navigate website
The Bad: Only 4 years in business according to the Better Business Bureau website, and 4 complaints listed

Summary: Kosmos is listed as having been in business only 4 years but has in that short time garnered a number of good reviews over multiple websites. They appear to have done a good enough job in that time period to only draw 4 complaints on the Better Business Bureau website, all but one of which were settled by the company. Overall, Kosmos Solar seems to be an attentive, well intentioned company who stands by their work and who strives for good customer service. Just scratching the surface, I see no major red flags, so this might be a good company to start with when researching your potential solar installation.

Company Name: Good Faith Energy

Address: 13720 Diplomat Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75234


Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Better Business Bureau (6 reviews), 4.9 / 5 Birdseye (318 reviews), 5 stars Yelp (30 reviews)

The Good: Amazing reviews, No complaints from BBB website, 7 years in business

The Bad: Disorienting website (moving pictures, kind of hard to navigate)

Summary:  Good Faith Energy was founded in 2015 by CEO Mohammed Abdalla. Since then they appear to have garnered a large number of positive reviews and interactions with their customers, and perhaps what’s most impressive of all is that they have zero visible complaints registered against them on the Better Business Bureau website- almost unheard of for a company with such apparently high volume. Perhaps the only negative thing I could find about them was their company website, which is as likely as not to make you motion sick at any given time. Just piecing through their reviews, I see terms like “professional”, “excellent service” and “friendly” coming up quite often. Good Faith looks like a company to definitely take a look at when doing your research into which solar company is right for you. 

Company Name: Circle L Solar

Address: 3914 Sandshell Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137


Reviews: 1.67 / 5 Better Business Bureau (6 reviews), 3.5 / 5 Facebook (2 reviews), 4 / 5 stars Yelp (8 reviews), 

The Good: Website is well put together, lots of information, comes with a handy-dandy calculator for homeowners to get an idea of what their solar installation might cost (

The Bad: Some of the worst reviews I’ve seen for any solar installation company

Summary:  Circle L Solar has been in business for 7 years according to the Better Business Bureau but seems to have gathered some negative reviews in their time in business. Just glancing at their reviews on the BBB website, you see phrases like “does not honor their contracts”, “have waited over a month”, “false and misleading”, “SCAM SCAM SCAM” and “very misleading and borderline deceiving”. Obviously a few people’s bad experiences do not mean the company is crooked, but feel free to read them for yourself at They also had 6 complaints filed against them with the BBB, some of which appear to have been handle to the customer’s satisfaction, although some haven’t. For more on these, see Overall, Circle L may be a fine company that has had some hard luck with customers and a few things going wrong, but it would be very wise of any potential customer to look twice before going forward with this company just to make sure you know what you’re getting into. 

Company Name: North Texas Solar

Address: 1452 Hughes Rd Ste 150, Grapevine, TX 76051


Reviews: 5 / 5 Facebook (3 reviews), 4 / 5 BBB (5 reviews), 5 / 5 Yelp (5 reviews)

The Good: Nice website, positive reviews, zero complaints showing on BBB website, 

The Bad: Not many reviews

Summary: North Texas Solar appears to have been in business for about 6 years, though their website does not seem to give a lot of information on the company’s history or founding. Their website holds some good information, though nothing really groundbreaking or unusual. There are the standard customer testimonials, a gallery of the company’s previous work, a listing of the kind of services they offer, etc. Everything looks above board from there, but when you poke around, there just aren’t many reviews out there about them, and those there are mostly sound like they were written by the company’s mother. So while North Texas Solar may be a great company that does outstanding work, there’s just not enough info out there to go on for anyone to make a definitive ruling on just judging by what’s out there on the internet. So once again, while there are no huge warning signs, there’s also not a ton of green lights either. So if you’re looking into this one, make sure you know your stuff. 

Company Name: Axium Solar

Address: 1005 Placid Ave 100, Plano, TX 75074


Reviews: 5 / 5 Facebook (12 reviews), 4.3 / 5 Glassdoor (5 reviews), 

The Good: 13 years in business with no complaints showing on the BBB website, Nice looking and informative website

The Bad: Company is not BBB accredited (For more on that, see: 

Summary: Touting themselves as Texas’ “Premier Solar Company”, Axium Solar is based in Plano, and their website claims the company has been in business since 2008, which agrees with the 13 years listed on the BBB website. Shockingly they show 0 complaints filed against them on the BBB website, which is almost unheard of for a business who has been around this long. Their website provides good information about what services they offer and how to get in touch with them, along with nice pictures of their previous work. The few reviews I found about them seemed to be primarily positive. Overall this looks like a solid company, one with a long track record of good service and not a ton of complaints. Definitely take a look into this one if considering getting solar work done in their service area. 

Final Word:

So overall, it looks as though there are more than enough companies in the area around Arlington to meet your solar needs. The wise consumer would be well served to look into these companies not only to see how prices compare but also to examine the reputation of the companies you’re dealing with. Although bad reviews do not necessarily mean the company isn’t trustworthy, they are definitely a red flag, and should give you a reason to double check and make sure you are dealing with someone reputable before getting in too deep with any company. The average solar installation in Arlington is around $13,350, a substantial investment for most anybody, so it would behoove you to make sure you know  what you’re getting into before diving in.