Solar Panels are
the Future of Sustainability

Transforming our planet from being primarily petroleum based to solar power based will take hard work at all levels. Here at WGSI we are committed to moving towards the goal of 100% reliance on the power of solar panels.

Imagine that we had the ability to travel through time into the future. Flash forward nearly 20 years… How will the world of 2050 be affected by climate change, peak oil, a rapidly growing population and other challenges we are just now starting to face? What if our best efforts 20 years ago weren’t enough? What if – looking out the door of our time machine – we wished we could have done things differently? Where will your electrons come from in 2050? From a rapidly disappearing, expensive resource under the ground? Or from a plentiful, basically unlimited power source in the sky?

From 2011 to the beginning of 2021, Waterloo Global Science Initiative launched an ambitious undertaking to reboot the global conversation on energy and explore how cutting edge science and technology may advance an electrified and sustainable future. The inaugural Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 took place for this very purpose, and fostered high level scientific collaborations and public outreach activities.

We are proud to continue the tradition of WGSI on this site. WGSI brought together brilliant minds and unheard voices from different disciplines, generations, and geographies to address the pressing challenges of tomorrow — today. What is this pressing challenge? To transform our world to 100% reliance on the power of the Sun.

Solar solutions that include diverse viewpoints have never been so important. Our world is changing with unprecedented speed — and although we are more connected than ever, we continue to approach global challenges from a remarkably narrow lens. Even inside the solar panel industry itself there is much improvement necessary. With so much talent and ingenuity worldwide, we know there is a better way.

Some ideas may seem far fetched, but by keeping an open mind and an open conversation, we can make much progress. For example, how about solar power beamed from space? Seem unlikely? Many don’t realize that solar panels in geostationary orbit could collect 25% more energy than on Earth, always face the sun, and beam solar power back down to Earth. Seem unlikely? There is a company that is actually spearheading the creation of space-based energy infrastructure like this.

And on a more personal level, start moving toward solar energy for your own home! Whether you choose a grid tied setup, or an off the grid solar array, it might be time to start doing this for your house.

Even if you don’t convert your personal electricity bill to “sun dependence,” you can still learn more about the energy you use. There is a plethora of information on this available on the internet today.

Through local and global collaborations, we create the conditions where big picture conversations happen. Then we offer the space and time for people to act on that change.

Watch The Solar Summit

Click here to watch on-demand video from the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030.

Solar Benchmark Videos

Watch four animated videos that show the current state of electricity generation, distribution, and storage plus some necessary targets for tomorrow.

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