In 2050, when you plug in your toaster, car or smart phone, where will the electricity come from? Or, will the electrons be there at all? 

Consider Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster, and summer peak electricity demands in the northern hemisphere. We need world-leading energy scientists, future leaders and experienced advisors to envision how we can best prepare for a sustainable and safe global electricity future, dependent on solar panels and other sustainable energy sources.

That is what WGSI is all about: 100% dependent on solar energy. Whether it be from utility scale solar farms, or home installation of solar panels, we can get there!

After half-a-century of promise, will fusion power finally deliver its first electricity? Can we safely rely on recycling and re-using nuclear fuel? Does our electricity future include paint-on photovoltaic panels that will split water to produce hydrogen gas for electricity production?

“Our goal is to tackle the energy challenges of this century from a scientific perspective first – and then factor in the economic, social and environmental implications, leaving politics until last,” says Wilson da Silva.

“Science has been the greatest single factor contributing to the health, prosperity and the advancement of our civilization. It is transformative, and that’s the kind of power we need to tap in order to solve some of these really gargantuan challenges.”