Solar Installation

Solar Riverside

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Riverside? Solar panels in Riverside cost around $2.65 per watt, and most solar panels are sold in 250 watt increments. This means an average solar panel is going to cost you something close to $665. An average house requires somewhere between 20 and 28 solar panels to be… Continue reading Solar Riverside

Solar Panels, Richmond VA

How much do solar panels cost in RIchmond, Virginia? Solar panels in Richmond Virginia cost around $3 per watt, which is considered to be the national average though this actually seems to be a little above average according to my own research. This means then that the average solar panel, which is going to usually… Continue reading Solar Panels, Richmond VA

Oklahoma City Solar

Solar Panels in Oklahoma Using solar power is not prevalent in Oklahoma just yet. The state ranks only 45th in terms of solar energy use, with about 30 solar companies operating in the state. However, this state gets higher than average number of sunny days per year, so its a great place to get solar… Continue reading Oklahoma City Solar

Solar Panels Seattle Washington

How much do solar panels cost in Seattle, Washington? Solar panels in Seattle are surprisingly reasonable at about $2.50 to $2.60 per watt. Most of the time, solar panels come in 250 watts, which is the industry standard size, which means you’re going to end up needing 20 to 28 panels to be completely independent… Continue reading Solar Panels Seattle Washington

Solar Panels in Florida

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Florida? Solar panels in the state of Florida are some of the cheapest in the United States. Estimates range between about $2.28 to $2.48 per watt, and the national average is something like $3.00. Most solar panels are sold in 250 watt sizes, which means each panel will… Continue reading Solar Panels in Florida

Solar Panels Mariette Georgia

How much do solar panels cost in Mariette, Georgia? The national average for solar panels is around $3 per watt, but in the state of Georgia, solar panels are somewhat cheaper. In Mariette, you can expect to pay something around $2.33 / watt. Most solar panels are sold in 250 watt increments, meaning you will… Continue reading Solar Panels Mariette Georgia

Buffalo Solar

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Buffalo, New York? Solar panels in Buffalo New York can vary quite a bit in price, so it will be a good idea for the consumer to shop around a little bit before making a final decision. The price range in Buffalo seems to be from around $2.60… Continue reading Buffalo Solar

Solar Panels Omaha

What is the cost of Solar panels in Omaha? Solar panels in Omaha are currently going for about $2.69 to $2.89 per watt. A typical solar panel is 250 watts, making the average price of a solar panel in Omaha right at about $700. A typical home is going to require something between 20 and… Continue reading Solar Panels Omaha

Bakersfield Solar Panels

Solar Panels in Bakersfield, CA The mean cost of a solar panel in Bakersfield, CA, is $2.78 /watt ( If you consider a system size of 6 kilowatts, the average cost is $16,680, which falls by more than $4,000 after deducting the 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) ( Apart from the ITC, Bakersfield residents… Continue reading Bakersfield Solar Panels