Hang Dao

Hang Dao

PhD Student, SELECT PhD Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate Program, University of Lisbon

Hang Dao is a PhD Student at the University of Lisbon and specializes in sustainable energy solutions for the building sector, specifically modelling and optimizing energy systems for a net zero energy houses. Her research interest areas extend to energy security and sustainable energy development for developing countries.

“I care deeply about people and the environment,” says Hang. “Energy use and energy access play a vital role to both.” She believes we must act collectively to address the inequality of global economic system which, along with environmental degradation and political conflicts, create an energy access crisis for the world’s poor.

Her passion for sustainability education led her to co-found POTATO Education & Communication, an organization that provides farm-based outdoor education for kids in Vietnam. As the co-founder and editor of CVD, a virtual think tank, Hang promotes discussions of regional development issues in Vietnam.

Hang wants to see more robust public policy supporting sustainable energy access worldwide. “Policy makers need to be able to take into account all sectors when working on energy access and sustainability,” she says. “The high price of renewable energy technologies compared to fossil fuels creates a barrier to low-income populations and hinders mass implementation.”