Chris Henderson


President, Lumos Clean Energy Advisors

Chris Henderson is the founder and president of Lumos Energy, an agency that provides trusted expert advice to First Nations, Métis and Inuit leaders and communities. The agency’s aim is to finalize participation and partnerships in hydro, solar, wind, biomass, community energy planning, geothermal, and transmission projects.

Chris advises Chiefs and Councils, Tribal Groups and Aboriginal Economic Development Corporations on how to effectively secure and leverage partnership positions in clean energy projects across Canada. In recognition of his efforts he has been made an honorary member of several Indigenous communities.  “In Inuktitut I’m called ‘Tall Chris’,” he says, “but the most fitting name might be the one given to me by the Boreal Ojibwe which translates as ‘On Indian Time’.”

Having catalyzed clean energy projects in every Canadian province and territory, Chris now hopes to help bring out a new generation of community energy leadership in Indigenous communities. The Catalysts 20/20 Program, an initiative of Lumos Energy, aims to use intensive training courses, mentorship and knowledge sharing programs to foster capacity and readiness on clean energy projects in Indigenous territories.

Supporting sustainable development in Indigenous communities has the potential to generate a diverse array of economic, social and environmental benefits for all involved, Chris says. “We need to focus on the prescription, not the diagnosis.