Director, Eccon Soluções Ambientais

Yuri Rugai Marinho is the Founder and CEO of Eccon Soluções Ambientais, a Brazilian environmental consultancy. He is also the Co-Founder of Vigiapp, a startup that developed a communication portal for registering environmental problems in Brazilian with a view to connecting with appropriate solutions.

As a trainee at a law firm during his legal studies, Yuri participated on due diligence processes of several national and international energy companies located in different regions of Brazil. His experiences analyzing the regulatory and environmental aspects of hydroelectric, solar, wind and thermoelectric power plants drew him to a career in energy.

“The most challenging aspect of increasing access to electricity globally are distribution costs,” says Yuri. “It’s a complicated mix of economic, logistic, environmental and social costs. And environmental concerns are a particularly complex hurdle in Brazil because of its many ecologically sensitive areas.”