Sir Hubert Wilkins Chair of Climate Change and Director of the Environment Institute, University of Adelaide
Dr. Barry W. Brook, a leading environmental scientist and modeler, is a Professor in ecology and conservation biology at the University of Adelaide’s Environment Institute.

He has published three books, over 200 refereed scientific papers, is a highly-cited researcher, and regularly writes popular articles for the media. He has many awards for his research excellence and public outreach, including the Australian Academy of Science Fenner Medal and the 2010 Community Science Educator of the Year. His research interests are climate change impacts, species extinctions, simulation and statistical modeling, energy systems analysis (with a focus on modeling future nuclear and large-scale renewable energy scenarios such as the use of solar panels, solar farms and wind farms), and synergistic human impacts on the biosphere. He runs a popular climate science and energy options blog at, has written a popular book on sustainable nuclear energy, is 2012 Senior Fellow at The Breakthrough Institute, and is an International Award Committee member for the Global Energy Prize. He is well known across the world for his lively blog Brave New Climate.

On Solar energy, Dr. Brook says “It’s no good just saying just saying ‘There’s enough sunlight reaching the Earth every hour to power all of human civilization- We’ve got to work out how to use it” — Dr. Barry Brook, Equinox Summit 2013