Solar Denton – Installation of Solar Panels in Denton,TX

How Much do Solar Panels Cost in Denton, Texas?

The cost of solar panels in Denton, Texas is going to be between $2.50 and $2.75 per watt. Most commercial solar panels come in 250 watt sizes, meaning an average solar panel is going to cost you somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. Most American homes are going to require around 6 to 8 kilowatts of power to operate self-sufficient of the grid, meaning you will need something like 24-30 solar panels if you’re trying to be completely self-sufficient of the “grid”, which is going to cost you between $15,000 and $20,000, roughly. This number, of course, will shrink when various rebates, tax incentives etc are applied, so don’t let it scare you away. 

brown concrete building
Denton, Tx

What are the benefits of going solar? 

The state of Texas has a number of incentives in place to encourage citizens to join the solar revolution, many of which will help to offset the initial cost of installing a solar power system. 

– Texas Energy Rebates: There is no state energy rebate, but some utilities offer one, so check with your local electricity provider to see what, if any, incentives they offer for solar customers.

– Texas Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing: Many local governments offer “PACE” programs to help residents finance solar panels and installations. Check with your local county and city governments for more information.

– Texas Interconnection Standards: Texas has statewide interconnection standards that make solar installations not only faster, but easier on the solar company and cheaper on the customer.

– Texas Property Tax Exemptions for Energy: Your state property tax (which is already high) cannot be reassessed based on the addition of solar panels to your property- a huge bonus in a state like Texas, as I’m sure you already know.

– 26 % federal tax credit- Any solar customer is eligible to claim 26% of their solar installation as a write off on their federal tax liability, which is potentially thousands of dollars in savings.

Solar Panels – Denton TX- The Best Kept Secret to Increase Your Home’s Value

Most people assume solar panels will increase (maybe drastically increase) the value of your home. Many potential buyers will be enthusiastic about them and will be willing to pay more for a home that has them. As a general rule of thumb, you can tack on 4% or $10,000 (which is more) to the value of your home if you have a solar power generating system of sufficient size to be “self sufficient” of the grid. But here’s a fact: Solar panels are only worth what a buyer will pay for them. Some potential buyers simply don’t care if a home has solar panels or not.

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Denton Community Market

What are the Effects of Net Metering on a Solar System?

Net metering is the method by which your utility can measure the output of your solar power system. Not only that, but accurate net metering allows your utility to credit the energy you feed back into the grid toward future bills, thereby allowing your solar panels to “pay” for themselves with bundles of savings on energy bills.

How much solar power do I need to power my home?

A modern average home needs between 6 and 8 kilowatts of power to be self-sufficient from the grid. This number varies due to many factors, such as the size of your home, number of residents, age of the house, etc. Your solar company will be able to estimate, with more precision, how many solar panels you will need to be self-sufficient or close to it by examining your past electric bills. 

What is the “Payback” period for Solar in Denton, Texas? 

Once your panels have “Paid” for themselves, you can look forward to around another 10-12 years of free electricity provided by your panels, not to mention any rebates or incentives you may be eligible for from your utility company, so you’re looking at $40,000 + in savings over the life of your panels. 

How do I get solar panels installed in Denton, Texas?

The actual area of Denton may be a tad low on solar installers in and of itself. But here’s the great thing about living in a metroplex- You don’t have to limit your search to this town alone. So we are going to examine some of the top companies from the Dallas-Fort worth Metroplex, because any of these companies will more than likely be willing to come do an installation in the this town. So that being said, let’s start with one right in here.

Company Name: Denton Solar
Address: 608 E Hickory St, Ste 128-10, Denton, TX 76250


Reviews: None to speak of

The Good: Very nice website!

The Bad: Virtually invisible on the internet outside of their own website

Summary: So we’re starting off with this one to give you an idea of why we’re going to cast our net wider, to the Dallas Ft Worth Area. While there may be nothing whatsoever wrong with this company and they may do great work, you’d never know it from the internet. There is almost nothing about them to be found anywhere out there, other than their own website, which is very nice. So while they are certainly a very fine looking company to look at, make sure you look a little further than just your own backyard. 

Company Name: Kosmos Solar
Address: 1320 Post N Paddock St Ste 500, Grand Prairie, TX 75050


Reviews: Five stars on facebook (26 reviews), 4.4 / 5 on Solarreviews (17 reviews), 5 / 5 on Homeadvisor (9 reviews)
The Good: Nice website, good reviews
The Bad: 4 complaints with the BBB in only 4 years in business.

Summary: Kosmos has only been in business for 4 years, but has a lot of great reviews over a number of platforms. They have a few complaints against them on the BBB website however, so you may want to look at those before going forward with Kosmos. Overall they seem to be on the right track and try to take good care of their customers. I see no major reason to not consider this company to do your solar installation.

Company Name: Good Faith Energy

Address: 13720 Diplomat Dr, Farmers Branch, TX 75234


Reviews: 4.5 / 5 Better Business Bureau (6 reviews), 4.9 / 5 Birdseye (318 reviews), 5 stars Yelp (30 reviews)

The Good: No complaints with the BBB, 7 years in business, great reviews

The Bad: Website feels like I’m riding space mountain, kind of hard to find my way around

Summary:  Founded in 2015 by Mohammed Abdalla, they have gathered a lot of positive reviews and interactions from customers and don’t seem to have any complaints lodged against them with the BBB, which is pretty unusual on such a high volume company. The reviews about them use terms like “professional” and “excellent service” and “friendly” quite a lot, so this looks like a good company to do business with.

Company Name: Circle L Solar

Address: 3914 Sandshell Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76137


Reviews: 1.67 / 5 Better Business Bureau (6 reviews), 3.5 / 5 Facebook (2 reviews), 4 / 5 stars Yelp (8 reviews), 

The Good: Well done weebsite, calculator that shows homeowners how much their installation might cost

The Bad: Really rotten reviews, some of the worst I’ve seen.

Summary:  Circle L has a lot of negative reviews. Terms like “SCAM” and “false and misleading” get thrown around in regards to them, and there are 6 complaints filed against them with the BBB in their 7 years in business. Now this doesn’t mean the company is really bad, there’s a lot of explanations for something like this, but it does mean that you should look very carefully at them before deciding to give them your money.

Company Name: North Texas Solar

Address: 1452 Hughes Rd Ste 150, Grapevine, TX 76051


Reviews: 5 / 5 Facebook (3 reviews), 4 / 5 BBB (5 reviews), 5 / 5 Yelp (5 reviews)

The Good: Well designed website, no complaints with the BBB, positive reviews

Nice website, positive reviews, zero complaints showing on BBB website, 

The Bad: Very few reviews

Summary: North Texas Solar’s website gives you most of the standard information you can expect from any solar company, and the website itself is fine, and it holds a lot of good information. However, digging deeper into the internet, there just isn’t much out there about them. There aren’t very many reviews out there about them at all, so it’s very hard to give a complete review on this particular company. This is one where I’m afraid you’ll have to do most of your own homework!

Company Name: Axium Solar

Address: 1005 Placid Ave 100, Plano, TX 75074


Reviews: 5 / 5 Facebook (12 reviews), 4.3 / 5 Glassdoor (5 reviews), 

The Good: No complaints with the BBB, 13 years in business, informative website

The Bad: No BBB accreditation

Summary: Axium says they are the “Premier solar company” of Texas, and with 13 years experience in the field it’s hard to disagree with them. Their track record looks overall positive, though there aren’t a ton of reviews out there about them. The ones that are out there however are positive, and overall this looks like a good company who has done a lot of good work. I cannot find any sort of red flags with this one, and I see no reason why you shouldn’t look further into them if considering a solar installation in the area.

Final Word:

The state of Texas is ripe for the solar picking. Favorable laws, tax incentives, rebates, all of it is right there for taking, and all you have to do is contact one of dozens of reputable solar contractors from the greater Dallas area to get the ball rolling. We’ve done a lot of the research for you, and all you have to do now is take the initiative. So now’s the time- reach out to a few of companies, get some estimates and make it a reality.