Solcium Solar Review

Company: Solcium Solar

Motto: Committed to changing the way the world sees solar, one panel at a time.

Address: 312 W First Street, Suite 505 Sanford, FL 32771

Phone: (662.765.2486)


Years in Business: Unclear


Business Quote: “Solcium Solar provides a full suite of end-to-end renewable energy solutions including education, design and installation services. The Solcium experience delivers on providing the best product for the best price, guaranteed. 

Leaving aggressive sales gimmicks behind, Solcium Solar is dedicated to offering our partners the highest-level of unbiased industry education, so they are empowered to make the right decision based on their needs, not ours. “

Reviews: 4.74 / 5 Solar Advisor (24 reviews), 5 / 5 Home Advisor (1 review), 5 / 5 Better Business Bureau (21 reviews), 4.7 / 5 (27 reviews), 4.7 / 5 Google (30 reviews)

Summary: The word “Solcium” is a derivative of the Latin “Solcius”, which means “Partner” or “Ally”. Solcium Solar is a full-service solar retailer and installer that touts a very consumer-friendly stance with guarantees like an “industry leading warranty” a price match guarantee and no-money-down installations. They promise to never “overall” or “undersell” a client, tailoring every customer’s solar installation. Their service area appears to cover much of South Florida.

They describe their solar process as having 4 steps- A free quote, an educational consultation, schedule installation and a “bright future. Solcium Solar makes a big point of letting you know their aim is to “educate” the consumers about solar panels and the process of “going green” so customers can feel like they are making the right decision in their purchase. 

Interestingly, Solcium Solar seems to offer electric vehicle services, namely charging stations, encouraging consumers to pair their electric vehicle charging station with solar panels for maximum efficiency. 

It is worth mentioning that “Solcium Solar” is a completely different company and unrelated to the similarly named “Solcius Solar”. 

Buildzoom: is a website that provides information for consumers on all kinds of construction and contracting businesses. They rate various construction businesses based on a number of criteria, and in the case of Solcium Solar they gave them a rating of 109. This ranks Solcium Solar in the top 5% of all licensed contractors in Florida, which makes them a recommended hire by Buildzoom. Buildzoom’s records show Solcium Solar holds a valid license as an electrical contractor as well as two other valid licenses. Buildzoom records indicate Solcium Solar has received permits to work on 39 projects in the last year, which shows they are active in the solar industry. Records indicate that the average price on their permits is around $27,000. Buildzoom has not received any reviews of Solcium Solar, good, bad or otherwise. The majority of the permits Buildzoom has on record for Solcium Solar are for Solar contracting. 

Better Business Bureau:  The BBB is a generally trusted source of consumer information regarding practices of various businesses. Though Soclium Solar is not BBB accredited, they do have an A- rating from the BBB and have 21 reviews with a perfect 5 star rating. The BBB only lists them as having been in business for 1 year. Notably, they have zero complaints filed against them as of this writing. A quick scan of their reviews turn up words like “knowledgeable”, “reliable” and “affordable”. 

Other Reviews: The following are quotes from various reviews Solcium has received across various platforms on the internet. 

Dee from Cassleberry Florida: “We ended up choosing Solcium after other solar companies stopped communicating with us. From contract to closing Solcium got my system installed within 4 weeks.” (Solar Reviews)

Susan T. from Sanford Florida: “Love that there was nothing I needed to put down and that if I need to get a new roof in the future they will come and uninstall and reinstall the panels for free!” (Solar Reviews) (Editor’s Note: This is especially worth noting because many solar companies charge extra fees in the event they have to remove and reinstall solar panels for a customer’s roof to be worked on or replaced).

Z Pack: “Here’s to being more energy efficient. You can’t beat 30 year warranty!” ( (Editor’s Note: Many solar companies offer warranties of 20 or 25 years- 30 is an outlier and definitely puts Solcium Solar a rung above most companies out there in terms of warranty). 

Glenda Crain: “I have a NO TRESSPASSING sign right at my front door, not only did he knock, he rang my doorbell. This is the 5th time they have done this, next time they will talk to the Police.” (’s Note: This is a rare negative review for Solcium Solar [1 star] and it is worth pointing out that it has nothing to do with their work in any way, it’s just someone named Glenda who has a “NO TRESSSSPASSSSING” sign. Glenda is apparently a snake. For what it’s worth, I found another review on the same website that complained about them knocking on doors and leaving door hangers despite “No trespassing” signs. 

Jessica Laing: “We were so excited to partner with Solcium because their 30 year warranty covers everything! They guaranteed our power production” ( (Editor’s Note: Also noteworthy is the fact that Solcium has a power production guarantee- basically if they tell you your panels will produce X amount of energy and it does not, they will “cover the difference” according to their website)

Final Word: 

Solcium Solar is a new company, but their reviews are almost universally positive at this point in their career. It is therefore really hard to say a whole lot about them- All the information I can find about them is basically positive. And while that is a good thing, it also means that there isn’t very much I can tell you about them that isn’t easy for you to find. Regardless, they are highly rated across virtually every platform, they are obviously active in the solar industry and their website says all the right things. I see no reason at this point that Solcium Solar should not be high on your list of companies to check out if you are considering adding a solar panel array to your home anywhere in their coverage area.