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Precision Solar

Have you ever considered installing Solar power systems in your home? For people residing in California, using Solar energy can cut costs and convert you to a citizen who cares for mother Earth.

One of the top players in the industry is Precision Solar. Led by Micah Cummins, this company has rapidly converted thousands of homes in California to clean and sustainable energy.

Today, we will be diving a little deeper into Precision Solar to understand the benefits of solar power and why they are the best option for converting your home.
Let’s get right to it!

Origins of Precision Solar

Based in San Diego, California, the journey of Precisions Solar started back in 2009. Their CEO Micah Cummins worked in the solar panel industry for over 12 years, with hopes of having his own company someday.

Fast forward to 2009, he decided to take the leap and establish Precisions Solar as a separate business entity. Ever since then, all the company has received are positive reviews. They have been responsible for converting thousands of households towards this renewable energy source.

Not only do they cover residential homes in the city, but they also provide commercial plans for businesses willing to save down on taxes and electricity bills.

As of today, the company provides professional-level installation services for Solar pool heating systems, Solar hot water systems, Solar electric systems, and repairing services. With their reputation as the number one solar installation company in California, there is no doubt their services will bring you utmost satisfaction.

Meet the CEO

As an entrepreneur, Micah Cummins has always been a family man, working day and night at various other solar installation companies, gathering vital knowledge and experience. He had always aspired to have his own business someday, and in 2009, he finally invested in making his dreams come true.

The C-46 licensed contractor had enough ideas and experience in the industry to lead his own team of solar installation professionals. It was only a matter of time before the team got together and, with Micah as their leader, quickly rose to the top of the industry.

As he is the CEO of a solar installation company, you can already tell that Micah is an environmentally aware person. Since the stock of non-renewable resources is running dangerously low, Micah’s sole aim is to convert maximum households in the United States to a cleaner and greener energy source.

Years of Experience

Since its inception in 2009, the solar installation industry has seen rapid growth in terms of its user conversion rates. It used to be difficult to educate people regarding the benefits of renewable energy resources back in the early days.

However, as the days passed and people became more environmentally concerned, the demand for solar installation companies rose.

Precision solar has always been good at communicating the benefits of solar installations to their customers and target demographics. They offer a wide range of services that help households cut down on electricity bills and taxes.

With their experts hard at work, they will take all their time to explain the benefits and drawbacks that come with solar installations. This will help you decide on which plan is an exact match for your home.

Precision Solar Customer Base

The target demographics of Precision Solar are those who are looking for an economical solution to their electricity bills. Previously, it used to cost a lot to get solar panels installed, but with advancements in technology, that has gone down.

If you’re someone who wants a pool heating system, then you should really consider using solar panels for heating. Heating systems driven with solar energy can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

What’s more, installing solar panels for your residence makes you eligible for California’s Solar Tax Credit. As a result, you receive a huge tax cut at the end of the year. Many citizens are realizing the benefit of this tax credit and have already converted to using solar energy as their source of electricity.

Final Words

You don’t have to be an environmentalist to install solar panels for your home. Precision Solar is an economical solution to high electricity bills or pool heating systems. Being the top solar installation company in California, you will receive nothing but the best quality service from them.

We hope this review has helped you learn the benefits of solar installations. And if you’re residing in California, why shouldn’t you take advantage of the solar tax credit?


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Review by Katherine Osabe on Google Maps

For someone like Katherine, it was becoming difficult to find a proper solution to the high electricity bills. Once she contacted Precision Solar, their experts quickly explained all the benefits she could have by converting her home.

Their technicians and staff are all well-mannered and highly professional. They came in with all their equipment and had the entire system up and running in a matter of hours.

Katherine does not have to worry about paying high electricity bills anymore. Her home is now eligible for the California Solar Tax credit, which will save her even more in the long run.


Precision Solar Reviews
Review by Jeffrey N. on Yelp

For people living near the coast, a pool heating system is a must to tackle the drop in temperatures during the evening.

Jeffrey was facing difficulties covering the monthly expenses needed to run a gas or electric heating system. His helplessness with the monthly bills made him consider getting his pool removed.

However, thanks to the expert salespeople over at precision solar, he quickly realized the world of opportunities he was missing out on.
Soon enough, he had installed pool heating services which took only a few hours to set up. The customer support has always been quick to respond to any queries he had regarding the service.

Now Jeffrey can fancy a swim inside his heated pool without having to think about the hundreds of dollars it would cost him.