Hermann Scheer solar quotes

Hermann Scheer

Our dependence on fossil fuels amounts to global pyromania, and the only fire extinguisher we have at our disposal is renewable energy.

https://www.azquotes.com. He says “pyromania” because fossil fuels are all burned, sometimes called “hot” fuels. Compared to energy sources like solar energy which are not burned. Solar panels are sometimes called “cool” energy technology.

The big mistake in the energy debate is that most people think, because they believe that there is a monopoly and the expertise for all energy activities in the hand of the existing energy players. Many people, including governments, including many scientists, who get their orders for studies from them, they believe and think that the present energy suppliers, the present energy trusts, the companies, they should organize the transformation. And this is a big mistake—a big mistake—because this part of the society is the only one who has an interest to postpone it. The only one. All others, all the others, have an interest to speed it up. But as long government think that it should be left to the energy companies, we will lose the race against time.”

https://www.resilience.org/stories. Big energy companies have long resisted renewable technology like solar panels, but they are slowly coming around. Some have begun installing their own solar farms to supplement other energy sources.

Nuclear power and fossil fuels are the choices of the past. Renewable energy is the choice of the future that is here today.”


The immediate move to renewable energy is not an unbearable strain, but rather a unique social and economic opportunity.”


No energy technology can be installed faster than the technology for renewables, if we only want it.

https://www.hermann-scheer-stiftung.de. Compare the time it takes to setup a solar energy technology to other techniques like mining and drilling.

Extra costs for renewable energy today are ecological damage which has been averted and low energy costs tomorrow.”

https://www.hermann-scheer-stiftung.de/en. Although there is a cost outlay for setting up renewable energy technology like solar panels, there is a much greater cost to the damage that non renewable energy sources are causing as we speak.