Uytae Lee

Uytae Lee

Founder, PLANifax

Uytae Lee is the Founder of PLANifax, a non-profit that began in Halifax, NS to empower citizens by making local issues exciting and accessible through video. A recent move has taken Uytae to the west coast where he is developing new educational video content to encourage civic engagement in Vancouver, BC.

First introduced to the concept of sustainable development at Dalhousie University where he graduated with a double major in Sustainability and Community Design, Uytae later came across many specific issues of sustainable development in the urban context, and through his videography work covered topics including runoff from lawns and its impact on local lakes in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and political challenges to establishing a nature reserve in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

He sees communication and education as a hurdle to sustainable development. ”Policy writers, advocacy groups, and decision makers may have an acute understanding of the issues they are working on but, if the larger public is unaware of these issues, they run into resistance, or worse, apathy,” he says. “I think a particular challenge for Canada as it implements the SDGs is finding sustainability in its resource extraction based economy.”

Uytae values transparency, accessibility, objectiveness, nuance  and humour. In his downtime he rock climbs and plays songs on his ukulele.