Theodore Blackbird-John

Theodore (Theo) Blackbird-John

Facilitator, TREC Education

Theodore (Theo) Blackbird-John is a community activist and facilitator at TREC Education. He has been involved in grassroots organizing since 2012. “That was the year Idle No more was born, I haven’t stopped since.” Through TREC, he facilitates workshops engaging community members, elected leadership and youth in renewable energy.

“I have dedicated my mind, body and heart to raising awareness of social and environmental injustices that that will greatly affect the next seven generations and my home, Bkejwanong Unceded Territory, Walpole Island First Nation,” he says.

Theo was drawn to work in energy access out of a desire to see his community grow and attain true sovereignty. “Here within Bkejwanong Territory, I see my friends and family struggle to pay their electrical bills in cold winter months or hot summer months.  People have to choose whether they will pay for food or electricity.” He sees an opportunity for First Nations communities to become leaders in community energy planning.

“I hope to achieve an everlasting future for the next  seven generations. I hope to build bridges and partnerships that will help nurture the future of creation.”