Te Chen

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Te Chen

Researcher, University of Toronto
Founder, QUAN Research

Te Chen is a researcher at University of Toronto and the founder of QUAN Research. He uses holistic design methods in his approach to exploring he severity of the global waste problem and the lack of systemic understanding of the waste system.

“Canada is highly dependant on imports from other countries, and its per capita consumption rate is among highest around the globe,” says Te. “My goal is to better understand what we waste, why we waste and how we can waste less.”

Growing up in Beijing and a little farming village in Henan, Te has noticed and experienced how China has been developing over the last 20 years. “It is incredible to go through this period of extreme creation and destruction,” he says. “I want to connect everyday experience in Canada with China's transformation through the lens of waste.”

Te is willing to take a chance for opportunities, “Once, while looking for research funding, I came across an interesting sounding conference and decided to fly there after just a few hours of research. I managed to get a ticket for free when I arrived. It was only after that I realized it was UN Habitat Conference which only happens once every 20 years.”  For fun, Te enjoys photography, documentary films and running.