Tara Templin

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Tara Templin

Senior Director, Planning & Growth, UN Association in Canada

Tara Templin is the Senior Director of Planning and Growth at the United Nations Association in Canada, a charitable organization with a mission to educate and engage Canadians in the work of the UN and the critical international issues that affect us all. She previously worked as the Executive Director of EcoEquitable for eight years, a social enterprise providing training and employment for immigrant women with a triple bottom line approach (people, prosperity and planet).

She began working in sustainable development in Central America shortly after a stint at an international policy think tank in Washington D.C., when she realized that there was a very real disconnect between policy making and grassroots development efforts. “Simply put, I wanted to work closely with the people most affected by policies being made oceans away, both literally and figuratively,” explains Tara.

Tara strongly believes that there is a huge opportunity to tackle the SDGs through social enterprise and other innovative, collaborative models that combine business and social strategies to achieve impact. “I think the SDGs provide a framework that connects concrete action to theory, the local to the global and a sense of ownership and inspiration to practitioners,” says Tara. Outside of work, she can often be found chasing her three fun-loving children around.