Sophie Gallais

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Sophie Gallais

Communications Officer, Institut EDS, Université Laval

Sophie Gallais is a Communications Officer for the Hydro-Québec Institute for Environment, Development and Society (Institut EDS) at Université Laval. Institue EDS contributes to knowledge sharing and dialogue on sustainable development issues in university research and teaching through the EDS Forum, summer schools, and other events and initiatives.

Sophie was drawn to sustainable development through her interest in environmental protection, her studies in biology and previous work in an environmental non-governmental organization focused on conservation. “I'm proud to have been involved to protect Anticosti Island in Québec,” she says, “And look forward to seeing it on  World Heritage List in the near future.”

Hope of a better future keeps Sophie motivated. “Though Canada is a very large country with many cultural and socio-economical differences,” she says, “through collaboration, communication and engagement we can increase awareness of sustainable development and improve well-being for all.”

For fun, Sophie likes to meet with friends over a good selection of board games.