Rumina Dhalla

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Rumina Dhalla

Associate Professor, College of Business & Economics, University of Guelph

Rumina Dhalla is an Associate Professor in the Department of Management in the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at the University of Guelph. She is also CBE’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Coordinator. She was also the Project Lead for Guelph East Africa initiative, a multi national cross-disciplinary initiative led by the University of Guelph.  Prior to embarking on her academic career, she accumulated over 20 years of industry experience, much of it in the Canadian banking industry. Her current research explores sustainability and sustainability certification in the wine industry, multi-stakeholder collaborations, and the implications of social enterprise on food security.

She is proud of her involvement in the design and launch of the MBA in Sustainable Commerce offered by CBE. “It’s proven to be a highly successful stream in our MBA program,” says Rumina. Our College is committed to being a leader for a sustainable world, and our MBA Sustainable Commerce attracts faculty and students with a social conscience, an environmental sensibility and a commitment to community involvement.

“Canada needs to find a more effective approach to link scholarly research, business education and business to the SDGs,” says Rumina. “To brand Canada as leader on the Global Goals, the challenges and opportunities presented by SDGs have to be made mainstream through education, cross disciplinary research, and multi stakeholder collaborations that include academia, governments, industry, NGOs and communities. We also need incentives encourage business engagement in SDGs on a global scale.”

Rumina’s personal goals and intrinsic drive keep her motivated along with teaching (she received a teaching award from MBA students in 2017), research, and her collegial network. Equity, inclusion, persistence, and collaboration are at the heart of her work. For fun she likes to take long walks, in particular she likes to explore cities on foot.