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Briefs lay out the challenge to be approached at the summit or provide context around the issue for a specific event. At the end of each summit, the contributors present a Communiqué; this provides a vision of the future and establishes key recommendations and areas of focus to make that future a reality. In the months following the summit, this vision is fleshed out into a Blueprint (our flagship publication) that collates relevant research and case studies, and provides a roadmap to implementation. 

OpenAccess Energy 

OpenAccess Energy Blueprint
OpenAccess Energy Blueprint: Energy access - the Canadian context (infographic spread)
OpenAccess Energy Blueprint: Energy access - the Canadian context (full section)
OpenAccess Energy Communiqué 
Freier Zugang zur Energie Kommuniqué (Deutsche)
Năng lượng để thay đổi thế giới – Sáng kiến Khoa học toàn cầu (tiếng Việt)*
OpenAccess Energy COP22 Brief
OpenAccess Energy Summit Brief

Learning 2030 

Learning 2030 Blueprint
Plan Formation 2030 Résumé (Français) 
Learning 2030 Blueprint (Italiano)* 
Learning 2030 Communiqué 

Energy 2030

Energy 2030 Blueprint
Energy 2030 Communiqué

*Independently translated