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High Voltage! Power Experts pull out all the stops at Int’l Energy Meet

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes Green Energy Experts Just Need A Hug

During a panel discussion, energy-guru and favourite read of Bill Gates, Vaclav Smil's gloomy predictions prompted an embrace from Pembina Institute Senior Advisor Marlo Raynolds. 

“You need a hug,” Raynolds said. 

The intense discussion on cleaner ways to electrify the planet took place on TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin live from Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. The entire show is now archived at 

The Story So Far…

Participants in the closed-door sessions and collaborations at the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 continue to involve technical discussions and potential implementation steps on a variety of electrical systems involved with energy production, distribution and storage. 

Concepts for on- and off-grid options are being furiously debated. Rolling out new technologies in a carbon-based world is proving to be a tall order, but some attention-grabbing ideas are emerging. 

One thing all participants agree on is the urgency of the global energy issue and need to inspire results. 

Releasing a Global Energy Roadmap

June 9th, the inaugural Equinox Summit will conclude at 2pm ET (streamed LIVE at with the presentation of major outcomes from the closed-door working sessions as well as a preview of the Equinox Blueprint – a more comprehensive outlook of the course set at the end of the Summit. 

Look-Ahead For June 8th

  • The 9 am plenary panel is "What happens when the lights go out?" It’s the final in a three-part series of daily themes including energy generation, distribution, and storage (both storage of energy and storage of any harmful by-products).
  • The 4 pm talk is University of Calgary/Carnegie Mellon CO2 capture and storage expert David Keith on the relationship between energy and climate change.
  • Another great source for getting the feel of being at the Summit is the live stream and archived segments from TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin broadcast on location

Look-Ahead For June 9th

  • All previous sessions will be available for on-demand viewing at
  • The big reveal of the final recommendations of this unprecedented, never-before-assembled group will be streamed LIVE, starting at 2 pm ET.

Cover Online

  • Contact the Equinox Summit’s dedicated media room at for help arranging interviews with Summit participants, or for any other media enquiries. The media room is open June 5 to June 9.
  • Professional photos of each day available for media at
  • Watch over a dozen public events streaming live and on-demand at
  • Visit and sign up for our mailing list to receive regular updates
  • Use the hashtag #EquinoxSummit

Tackle Energy From A Different Angle: Story Ideas

Looking for ideas and quotes for your next story about how cutting edge science and technology can change the global energy dialogue? Check out for story ideas from the ongoing Equinox Summit: Energy 2030. 

About the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030

Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 is examining the world’s energy concerns and the need for cleaner and more sustainable generation, distribution and storage of electricity. The Summit is unique in that it brings together pioneering scientific experts with next-generation leaders from around the globe, all of whom are supported by the mentorship of seasoned advisors from science, engineering, public policy, and industry. The Summit is focused around the cooperative creation of a blueprint document that shortlists a set of key technologies that could transform the current carbon-heavy scenario, as well as providing a roadmap on how to implement these innovations by 2030. TVO is the presenting media partner for the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030. For more information about the Summit, visit

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