Matt Jordan

Matt Jordan

Program Manager, Global Lighting and Energy Access Partnership, CLASP

Matt Jordan is a Senior Manager at CLASP, an NGO focused on appliance energy efficiency. CLASP’s Clean Energy Access program, which Matt founded and leads, focuses on using energy efficiency to accelerate the affordability and benefits of access to clean energy throughout the developing world.

“Energy efficiency is a woefully underutilized and under-appreciated resource in energy access,” Matt says. “How many coal plants are going to be built in the name of energy access? How many of those could be avoided through efficiency?”

CLASP’s work in this sector is focused on off-grid product market development and transformation, such as their support of the Global LEAP initiative and the Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, as well as pushing the envelope on the overall role of energy efficiency in energy access. “In some ways, I see our work as highly technical program and policy development and implementation, “ Matt says. “And in some ways, I see it as advocacy for this emerging issue that we think is really, really important.”  

Among other things, Matt hopes to gain at the summit a better understanding of access project finance—preferably in simple language. “There’s so much talk about finance, but if you’re not a financier it’s really opaque,” he says. “A lot of times I’ll just nod and smile.”