Laura Schnurr

Laura Schnurr

Policy Analyst, McConnell Foundation

Laura Schnurr is a Policy Analyst at the McConnell Foundation where she supports the President and CEO with the Foundation's strategic priorities and with developing partnerships that will move the dial on entrenched social and environmental challenges. She is on a cross-sector assignment from the Social Innovation Division at Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). She is the co-author of A United Nations Renaissance, a new book on global governance and UN reform.

Through her work, Laura wants to leave the world in better shape than she found it. She stays motivated by surrounding herself with inspiring people and doing work she considers meaningful. She is proud of McConnell's involvement with the Federal government's in-progress Social Innovation and Social Finance Strategy. “Driving cross-sector collaboration to implement the SDGs is essential, particularly when it comes to innovative financing mechanisms, including blended finance and impact investing,” she says, “While the work is not yet completed, it's shaping up to be a huge accomplishment.”

“Adapting the SDG framework to the Canadian context is challenging,” says Laura, “It offers an excellent starting point but we need nationally-relevant targets and indicators, disaggregated data and an integration of UNDRIP and TRC Calls to Action to adapt the goals to Canada's reality.” 

Collaboration rooted in trust and respect and creative problem solving are the underlying values that drive Laura’s work. In her downtime she travels, does yoga, skis, reads, and runs a social enterprise operating in Canada and Uganda.