Kendall White

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Kendall White

Aboriginal Youth Outreach Leader, Jane Goodall Institute of Canada

Kendall White is a community activist with a passion for Aboriginal and environmental issues. She grew up in Ontario’s Temagami First Nation where the community’s one room school house served four grades.  At age 13, she left home for the nearby city of North Bay to pursue further schooling despite the challenges of living away from home and far from family.

"I struggled to believe in myself for a few years while I adjusted to all these changes and the instability,” Kendall says of those early years. “As a Canadian Aboriginal teenage girl, I am glad that I have been able to progress to where I am now, despite many negative circumstances in my life.” She is currently studying to become an environmental technician at Sir Sanford Fleming College and serves as Youth Director of the Temagami Community Foundation – a role dedicated to ensuring that youth are engaged, involved and have ownership in community decisions.

In 2010 Kendall travelled to Geneva to speak on behalf of the Aboriginal Youth of Canada as part of a delegation encouraging the UN Canadian Government to end the inequities in First Nations education, health, child welfare, and culture and language programs. “Inequality in education is a crucial issue. Some say we are what we know, so what are we if we’re denied the right to knowledge?” says Kendall.