Karen Farbridge

President & Urban Connector, Karen Farbridge & Associates

Karen Farbridge is President & Urban Connector of Karen Farbridge & Associates where she works with business, governments and organizations to build healthy and prosperous communities.

Karen is inspired by the work of people in her community and their ongoing persistence to make a difference. “I am proud of having provided opportunities for my community to engage in local decision making,” she says, “because, when given a voice, they always choose a sustainable path despite the tenacity of the status quo and harshness of the critics that come to its defense.”

She recognizes that sustainability is enormously disruptive to business as usual. Effective leadership for sustainability, in Karen’s view,  must engage people in a way that helps them see the connection between their daily lives and global issues like poverty, hunger and climate change.“The solutions to these issues are beyond the direct control or influence any single sector or jurisdiction, and are best addressed where people live, work and play: our communities,” she says.

Karen hopes to communicate and hold a vision of a sustainable future that respects and engages the unique and indispensable roles of both the system and incremental thinkers that make up our communities as both of these perspectives are needed for success.

In her downtime, she enjoys exploring  new cultures through travel, cooking and literature.