Jose Daniel Lara

Jose Daniel Lara

PhD Student, Renewable & Appropriate Energy Laboratory, UC Berkeley

Jose Daniel Lara is a PhD Student in the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory at UC Berkeley.  An electrical engineer who specializes in electric power systems, Jose’s research projects include looking at the use of distributed gasifiers to generate electricity out of woody waste from forest fire management in California and characterizing barriers to climate change adaptation and solutions in California's power sector.

“My interest is in balancing electricity infrastructure development with climate change considerations,” says Jose. “I like developing tools for analysis and sound decision making. The developing world needs access to electricity services and it is paramount that this energy is delivered in a clean, reliable and affordable way.”

Jose sees issues of sustainability and scalability as a major barrier to energy access. “The International Energy Agency reports that in many cases energy projects in energy isolated communities don’t last more than two years,” he says. “Many failures are due to inappropriate or unclear organizational schemes.”

At the Summit he hopes to provide insight on the possibilities that open source hardware and software might afford. “I hope we are able to deliver wellbeing for groups of people who need to make a huge  jump ahead without repeating the same development path followed by developed countries.”