John Joseph Alho

John Joseph Alho

President, University of Calgary Net Zero Decathlon Team

John Joseph Alho is an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary where he serves as President of the Net Zero Decathlon Team. He is involved in bringing the SDGs to campus and helped organize the Sustainable Development Goals Alliance Food Waste Week.

John has always been interested in conservation and protecting the environment. “As I grew older and started learning more about how people influence and are influenced by the environment, I became more interested in looking holistically at sustainable development,” he says.  “Sustainable development will be essential not only to preserve the environment, but also to prevent humanitarian crises and social conflict.”

One of John’s biggest concerns about the successful implementation of the SDGs are the widespread effects of climate change. “Many Canadians are employed by the automobile and oil and gas industries,” he says. “These jobs are at risk due to the increasing pressures of automation and climate change. We will have to find new employment opportunities for these workers and their families.”

John is passionate about promoting sustainability and equality and spends his spare time exploring new places and nature.