Jennifer Groff

Jennifer Groff

Co-Founder, Centre for Curriculum Redesign
Vice President of Learning & Program Development, Learning Games Network

Jennifer Groff is an educational researcher and designer who focuses on three aspects of innovation in education. As Vice-President of Learning at the Learning Games Network, she leads the development of digital game design for deeper learning. "Digital games have the potential to be Trojan horses for innovation in education," she says. Their game Quandary, introduced last year, teaches ethical thinking by putting players in scenarios where they must make difficult decisions. Educational games also open the opportunity to assess students' learning in new ways that avoid the anxiety of formal exams.

Jen also studies how to build educational systems that are adaptable enough to meet the needs of our rapidly changing world. Jen was a researcher in an OECD study of 180 innovative schools in more than 30 countries worldwide to identify good ideas and examine how best to scale them up to national level.

Third, Jen is co-founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign, an NGO that is working with the OECD, corporations, and national education ministries to explore new models for school curricula. The basic outline of school curricula today hasn't changed in more than a century, leaving students learning largely irrelevant skills like trigonometry and long division, while shortchanging important modern skills like financial literacy and statistics. Jen is the author of numerous frameworks for unblocking innovation in education systems, educational reform, and the "whole-mindedness" approach to teaching, and is one of 20 emerging arts education leaders contributing to the new book 20Under40: Reinventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century.

By 2030, she hopes that students are equipped to drive their own learning journey, being able to easily access and engage in whatever next learning module is most pertinent to their own needs. 

Jen is a Google Certified Teacher, and also holds masters' degrees in education from Harvard and the University of Delaware. She is also an avid field hockey player and is passionate about nutrition and holistic wellness.