Ilan Chabay

Ilan Chabay

Senior Advisor for Global Sustainability Research, Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS)

Ilan Chabay is the Senior Advisor for Global Sustainability Research at Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS). From designing scenarios for sustainable development of the Eurasian and Greenland Arctic, to establishing a new global research alliance on knowledge, learning and societal change, his work is driven by the development of mutual understanding to create sustainable solutions.

Ilan has always been passionate about cultivating communication and understanding of science outside of the ivory tower. After a stint as Associate Director of the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco, he founded the New Curiosity Shop in Silicon Valley where he led the design and production of interactive exhibitions and learning experiences for more than 230 museums, science centres and corporations across the globe, including NASA and Disney.

He continues to combine creativity, artistry, and scientific integrity by bringing stakeholders from diverse domains and walks of life together to confront the complex and difficult societal problems that they face.  

On a recent trip to a pair of remote Indigenous communities in Alaska, Ilan saw firsthand the reality of northern communities facing energy isolation. “It was exciting to see how each community responded collectively and individually to the many challenges of a tough environment, including meeting their energy needs,” he says.