Francis Marleau Donais

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Francis Marleau Donais

PhD Candidate, Université Laval

Francis Marleau Donais is a PhD Candidate in Land Management and Regional Planning at the Université Laval, specializing in sustainable transportation and multi-criteria decision aiding. As part of his Ph.D., he is developing a program with a public transit authority and several cities to improve the design and layout of transit stops with the help of multidisciplinary group workshops in order to favour active transportation and public transit.

“What first drew me to work in sustainable development,” explains Francis, “is my desire to break up professional silos (engineering, planning, environment,  etc...) in the field of both transportation and other fields, to improve project qualities and incorporate more principles of sustainability.” Francis is driven by his insatiable curiosity and capacity of be perpetually impressed by new concepts and ideas, an approach he plans on bringing to the Summit as well.

To have fun, Francis is known to organize dinners with friends and family that feature much debate and laughter around the table.