Eryn Stewart

Eryn Stewart

Program Manager, 20/20 Catalysts Program, Lumos Energy

Eryn Stewart  is a Clean Energy Project Manager at Lumos Energy and the Program Manager of the Catalysts 20/20 Program, an interactive three-month program built on mentorship, collaboration and the sharing of information between communities to support Indigenous leaders embarking on clean energy projects. The program is guided by Indigenous leaders and clean energy practitioners from across Canada.

“There is simply no substitute for local knowledge and good relationships,” says Eryn, “Having community members involved in a project makes a world of difference. External experts can offer valuable advice, but achieving benefits and creating social change require community support, knowledge and leadership."

Eryn believes modern energy access  is a fundamental human right. “Electricity is essential to human well-being and economic development,” she says,” it is crucial for access to clean water, sanitation, healthcare and reliable lighting.” She hopes to help more people, and  specifically Indigenous peoples, gain access to clean and renewable energy.

“My father’s motto is ‘you can't treat the earth like there is a spare in the trunk’,” says Eryn, “that really stuck with me growing up, and now, echos a lot of my values in my work and personal life.