Elora Wilkinson

Elora Wilkinson

Planner, Halifax Regional Municipality

Elora Wilkinson is a Planner for Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) where she works with the Urban Design Team writing new policy and regulations to guide future growth, and implementing streetscaping projects around the municipality. For the last two years, she has been involved in bringing forward HRM’s Centre Plan - a document that will substantially change how development occurs in Halifax’s core and brings forward a new focus on sustainable development.

“I am drawn to the idea that there is a better way to shape our cities,” says Elora, “a way that encourages health of the planet, prioritizes people, and is more exciting and beautiful.” She surrounds herself with big dreamers - advocates, consultants, and others who are trying to make change in Halifax - to stay focused on the bigger goals and to avoid “getting bogged down” in government process.

Elora sees Canada’s biggest challenge to achieving the SDGs as coordinating across such a large nation with so many different cultures and environments. She feels that the most impactful change happens at the municipal level, and finding ways to scale that change across the nation will be difficult.

Driven by respect and empathy for the public that she serves, Elora is working to design and build a world that encourages interaction, idea sharing, and an abundance of beauty and art. She seeks this in her own life, too, by learning new skills, painting, and travelling.