Dolapo Fadare

Dolapo Fadare

Fellow, Cansbridge Fellowship

Dolapo Fadare is a Cansbridge Fellow and student at the University of Saskatchewan studying economics and entrepreneurship. She also volunteers with organizations that assist newcomers in making a successful transition to their lives in Canada.

At the Summit, Dolapo plans to provide her versatile perspective on what sustainable development means for minority groups in Canada. “At 14, I had the opportunity to volunteer in Kenya,” she says, “As a person that identifies as African-Canadian, this was a pivotal point in my life. I realized that I wanted to live a life where I can continually give back to my community.”

She also wants to explore how technological tools can be leveraged to better meet the Sustainable Development Goals. “Future generations might be able to make policy decisions informed by artificial intelligence,” says Dolapo, “Today there are limitations to scientific approaches to measuring sustainable development.”

Dolapo stays motivated by reflecting on her parents and the privilege she has been afforded to pursue her interests. “I also think of all the great African ancestors that have come before me and realize that their DNA is a part of who I am,” she says, “Doing so reminds me that I possess the potential to accomplish any feat that I set my mind to.” For fun, she loves to dance to Afrobeat music and learn other African dances, write poems and read all kinds of books.