Chiedza Mazaiwana

Power For All Campaign Manager, Practical Action Zimbabwe

Chiedza Mazaiwana is Power For All Campaign Manager at Practical Action Zimbabwe. This campaign  promotes distributed renewable energy as the fastest, cheapest and most reliable solution to energy access. She is working on bringing together key stakeholders in the energy sector in Zimbabwe to provide information and tools to accelerate the distributed renewables market. “We are using best practices and cases borrowed from East Africa, facilitating the strengthening of the private sector voice in policy development and stakeholder engagement strategies that improve information flow, build trust and credibility, enhance transparency and create mutual accountability – all critical to market transformation and access acceleration .”

“I started working on energy access soon after college,” says Chiedza. “My main interest was in community development but I quickly realized that for any sustainable development to occur, energy access has to be addressed first.”

She wants to see women and children in the rural areas of Africa being afforded the same opportunities and empowered as those that live with access to electricity. “Marginalized communities not only have limited health and educational services, “ Chiedza says, “energy poverty leaves them exposed to serious hazards.”

She believes the right combination of policies, regulations, technologies and investment are necessary to make sustainable improvements to the lifestyles and wellbeing of many Africans. “I have seen the excitement of children from isolated communities when they see electric light, the improved incomes and productivity that come along with access to energy. Electricity changes lives.”