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Using Waterloo’s Innovation Power to Make a Difference - #PowerShiftWR

Monday, February 29, 2016

In 2010, a simple idea convinced Steve Katsaros to leave a high-flying career in patent law to found Nokero Solar — a company that brings affordable light to developing communities.

Steve Katsaros, Founder and CEO of Nokero Solar 

Recognizing that more than a billion people around the work live without reliable access to electricity, he envisioned a simple solution that would help replace costly and dangerous kerosene lamps with affordable, reliable solar alternatives. The lights provide students in developing communities with extra hours to study at night, and offer a reliable light source in critical situations such as in operating rooms. 

“If all of us drive our career efforts towards things that matter, things that are right, then the world will start to form into a completely different path than what we’re on right now,” Katsaros says. 

On Feb. 25, 2016, Katsaros joined a panel of speakers and researchers the University of Waterloo for PowerShift: Rethinking Design for Energy Access, where students were encouraged to use innovation to address global problems — specifically, how to create a future where energy is available to all.  

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Rethinking Design for Energy Access is part of a series of #PowerShiftWR activities leading up to WGSI's OpenAccess Energy Summit (April 24-27, 2016). Curated actvities taking place throughout the region in March and April will stimulate a public discussion on energy choices and their impact on the environment and bring a local lens to the topic of energy access. Join the Waterloo community in discussion on issues of sustainability and energy by following #PowerShiftWR on Twitter and stay tuned for event announcements at