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10 Steps to Green Your Day in Ten Minutes from Your Computer

Thursday, April 21, 2011

In honour of our wonderful pale blue dot of a planet, I challenge you to join me in devoting ten minutes to a greener existence. Here are ten things to make your day a whole lot more granola, and you don’t even have to stand up!

Just so I’m not lying or over committing your time, I’ll keep a stopwatch going. We’re already at 00:17.

1. 00:17 - Inspire yourself with Captain Planet

Looting and polluting is not the way! There’s nobody better than Captain Planet to keep you inspired for the next nine items:

2.    01:22 – Make your monitor environmentally friendly

Your monitor requires more electricity to display white and lighter colours than black and darker colours, so why not save a little extra electricity by having your browser open to a black Google search and change your desktop background.

Make this your home page:

Make this your desktop background:

3. 02:04 – Turn off and unplug

Home electronics drain a lot of power, so when you go outside for Earth Day activities, turn off your computer. Better yet, unplug your computer or switch off the power bar. Vampire power (the electricity being drained by electronics even though they are not being used) can make up a significant portion of your electricity bill.

4. 02:24 – Get rid of junk mail

Each year in the United States alone, unsolicited mail wastes 100 million trees, 28 billion gallons of water, and it is hard to recycle because of the heavy metals in flashy colour gloss and inks. Both Canada and the United States have laws that you can tell companies not to sell your name for unsolicited mail. Spend two minutes to get on a ‘do not mail’ list by writing a letter or email to your local government agency.

Look up your country in this list:

5. 04:50 – Learn your ‘powerprint’

Break down how much energy you use every day. Try out this energy calculator for two and a half minutes to learn how much energy you use and where you use it:

Wattz On: Powerprint Calculator

6. 07:30 – Decide to telecommute

Why don't you stay seated right where you are for your next meeting instead of driving (or even flying)? Use an online video conferencing tool to have greener meetings and ease your boss into letting you work from home.

Check out this link to develop a telecommuting plan

7. 08:05 – Green your computer settings

Along with unplugging your computer and changing your desktop background, green some of your computer settings. Make sure you dim your monitor, turn off your speakers and printer when you aren’t using them, and if you have a laptop, adjust the settings for when it should hibernate or turn itself off when not in use.

8. 08:30 – Make your website a green website

For you active bloggers out there, Wordpress has a plug-in that makes your web page greener. It integrates a standby engine to reduce the energy required to view the website when the visitors are inactive.

Download Wordpress Online Leaf

9. 09:15 - Become energy literate

Learn more about the energy you use. Whenever your next free ten minutes is, read our other Energy 2030 blogs here and watch our Youtube playlist here. And don’t forget to watch the live stream of the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 on June 5 to 9- a complete list of public events is located here.

10.    09:30 - Help inspire ingenuity in energy solutions – share our story!

I know this one is cheesy, but why not share this blog with others? I challenge you to send this link to 3 of your friends or share it on Facebook or Twitter with the links below!


Written by: RJ Taylor