Anna Clements

Anna Clements

DPhil Student, Engineering Science, University of Oxford

Anna Clements is a DPhil Student in Engineering Science at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the development of sustainable energy systems for rural, off-grid communities in Kenya and Bangladesh.

“I trained to be an engineer so I could have an impact on global challenges,” says Anna. “We have a responsibility to work towards responsible stewardship of the world and its resources.” Right now Anna is working on implementing a sustainable energy service that will provide electricity to 50 households in two rural off-grid communities in Kenya.

“To design lasting and sustainable energy systems that truly enable the customer we have to move beyond the traditional, linear, approach to engineering design and begin putting the needs and aspirations of the customers first,” says Anna. Challenging preconceived notions about the problems faced by those in rural off-grid communities is essential to creating appropriate solutions.

The opportunity for both immediate and lasting impact is what drew Anna to working in energy access. She finds the work “skills-stretching and challenging,” and hopes to “understand or at least appreciate more greatly the complex interaction of social, political, economic and technical factors when it comes to the success of electrification projects.”