Aneri Pradhan

Aneri (Patel) Pradhan

Executive Director, ENVenture

Aneri (Patel) Pradhan is the Executive Director of ENVenture, a social enterprise that operates an incubator in Uganda for community based organizations that sell clean energy technologies. “I'm driven by the excitement our partner organizations experience as they become entrepreneurs,” says Aneri. ENVenture provides mentorship and coaching to support local organizations in creating sustainable supply chains to bring clean energy technologies to their communities.

Seeing rows of homes equipped with solar water heaters on their roofs on a trip to visit family in India is what drew Aneri to working in energy. “I realized then that to prevent catastrophic climate change, we have to increase access to renewable energy in developing countries,” she says.

“Too much energy access innovation is happening in the west,” she says “and not enough is happening on the ground for locals to take control and profit off of their energy decisions.”  She is currently working on productivity tools designed to aid rural entrepreneurs in managing inventory and sales forecasting.  Despite making strides in innovative business development, access to finance remains a barrier for local entrepreneurs. By supporting local organizations with robust business development, improving product adoption and creating compelling rural marketing, Aneri hopes to smooth the road to energy access.