Andy Chandler-Grevatt

Andy Chandler-Grevatt

Teaching and Research Fellow, School of Education, University of Sussex

Andy Chandler-Grevatt is a teaching fellow in Education at the University of Sussex, UK. His passion is to improve the way schools assess students' progress. Far too often, he says, assessments are just a simple judgement, or grade. "Students generally expect teachers to judge them," Andy says. "We have to change those attitudes. The relationship between teacher and pupil has to become more refined—sort of a 'critical friend' model."

For that to work, school curricula must also be designed with a clear progression of concepts that students can be measured against. "I think this moves away from the target-driven, number-crunching assessment to a much more profession-based judgement, thinking about what this child needs next rather than needing to pass an exam," he says.

To that end, Andy has written or co-written more than 25 books and curriculum guides to help science teachers in the UK assess students' deeper understanding of the subject rather than just their memorization of facts. In particular, he focuses on what he calls "troublesome knowledge"—concepts that are difficult to understand but, once mastered, open the door to many additional concepts.

Andy's vision for 2030 would be a school system that is much more evidence-based in its teaching methods, one that looks at the learning process holistically and structures schools to enhance that.

When he's off duty, Andy can often be found outdoors. "When I'm not doing education, I'm out in the garden, doing country walks, and things like that," he says.