Amy Brierley

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Amy Brierley

Coordinator, Martha Justice Ministry

Amy Brierley is the Coordinator of the Martha Justice Ministry of the Sisters of St. Martha in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. She helps to coordinate efforts for social and ecological justice with the Sisters and the communities with whom they are connected. The Martha Justice Ministry aims to build relationships of solidarity with people and groups doing advocacy work around various issues, deeply rooted in an understanding of the sacredness of Mother Earth.

While attending St. Francis Xavier University, Amy began organizing around the food justice movement. As an OceanPath Fellow, she supported an initiative that was working to develop a regional food hub in Antigonish.

She is particularly interested in the role that food plays in our individual lives and communities, and believes that in fostering creative, ecological and community-minded food systems, we lay the foundation for a more sustainable, just and vibrant future. “As a non-religious person who, over the past year, has been working with religious women, I hope to contribute a faith-based lens and its understanding of sustainability and justice.”

Most of Amy’s time is spent in her community, drawing positive energy from loving, thoughtful relationships with friends and family. She is actively involved in a Taekwondo club, both participating in and teaching classes several nights a week.