Amelia Clarke

Amelia Clarke

Associate Professor, Director of the Master of Environment and Business (MEB) Program, University of Waterloo

Amelia Clarke is an Associate Professor and the Director of Master of Environment & Business (MEB) program at the University of Waterloo. Her research focuses on, among other areas, community sustainable development strategies, campus environmental management and youth-led social change.

Amelia has been working on sustainability issues since 1989. “I always had an interest in stakeholder engagement, especially youth engagement,” she explains. “I started to see solutions through campus environmental management, then sustainable cities, then sustainable business. Now I focus on cross-sector partnerships.”

Amelia is the founder of the Sierra Youth Coalition, and launched its Sustainable Campus Project which ultimately supported the institutionalization of sustainability policies and positions on more than 80 Canadian campuses. More recently, she has been building and overseeing the MEB program. “Our students and alumni, an impressive network of about 170 sustainability professionals, are leveraging their expertise for sustainability progress,” she says.

Amelia notes reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, precarious employment (especially for newcomers), multi-level governance, coordination of cross-sector collective action, protecting biodiversity, and climate change mitigation and adaptation as particular Canadian challenges to achieving the SDGs.

She finds motivation in staying solutions-oriented. “We have to celebrate the successes,” says Amelia. For fun she spends time in nature - sailing, snowboarding, hiking, swimming - and goes on adventures with her family.