Solar Companies Modesto: Important Information!

Known for some of the world’s finest wineries, its almond orchards, and its heat (a scorching 113-degree all-time high), Modesto, California is the Central Valley’s best place to find hot weather and agricultural land. And, with most of the year under partial or full sun, Modesto is a great place to generate solar energy. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll offer some important statistics on solar energy, as well as the information homeowners need to make good purchase decisions.

Modesto’s Sun Stats

With such a hot climate year-round, it’s no surprise that Modesto is one of America’s sunniest spots. The city receives approximately six hours of peak sunlight per day, with just over 70% of the year under partial or full sun. That equals a whopping 1560 hours of sunlight per year—which makes it easier to harvest the sun’s energy.

Compared to the national average of about five hours of peak sunlight per day, Modesto is significantly above average in this department. In contrast, places like Seattle, WA only get about half that amount of sunlight per year. Because it gets so much sunlight, the city is a great place to start a solar power revolution.

The Cost of Solar Energy System Installation in Modesto

There’s no denying that Modesto has the sunlight to power its businesses and homes. However, how much does solar panel installation cost, and will the savings make up for the expense?

Based on some new statistics, the average cost of a 5kW solar panel system in Modesto is $18,000. While that’s much less than the cost of college tuition or raising a family, it’s important to keep in mind that, because of local, state, and federal incentives, most people won’t pay full sticker price for a solar energy system.

Not only does Modesto get above-average sunlight, but it also has some of the country’s highest utility costs. That means it takes less time to see a return on a solar panel investment—most of the city’s homeowners have these systems paid off in eight years or less. And, with solar panels lasting 25 years or more, those profits will last for the life of the system. With an estimated yearly energy savings of $1260, a homeowner can expect to make over $30,000 from a solar energy system.

Modesto Solar Energy Incentives

While the average solar energy system costs about $18,000 to install, rebates and incentives will decrease that cost significantly. California is a clean energy-focused state; only Vermont and Hawaii beat it as far as renewable energy is concerned. With a recent state mandate, 50% of electricity must come from a renewable source by 2030.

After local and state incentives are used to reduce the cost of a solar energy system, homeowners may save another $2000, bringing the cost down to about $10,000. It’s quite an investment, but it’s one that will increase a home’s value and put cash back in the owner’s pocket for the next quarter-century. For a detailed list of local and state rebates, refer to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.

As a part of the state’s Go Solar initiative, net metering is available. Here, a homeowner can feed unused solar energy back into the grid—and the utility will credit their account. With net metering, it’s possible for some customers to see $0 utility bills if they feed enough energy back into the grid and the credits outweigh the cost of the power drawn from the grid.

Rule Changes are Spurring Battery Adoption

California’s proposed reduction in incentives for home solar energy systems means that homeowners would lose the economic motivation to upgrade, unless those systems include batteries. These potential changes would lengthen the residential solar payback period to as much as 11 years, but for battery-backed systems, it would be as little as six years. These changes are significant, but they likely won’t affect the state’s solar market much. In fact, they’re expected to hasten the adoption of battery-backed solar energy systems that store energy for use after dark.

Are There Limits on the Number of Solar Panels Homes Can Have?

Unless there are local rules in place, the only limits to the number of panels that can be put on a roof are the availability of space, the family’s power usage, the provider’s net metering regulations, and the electrical system’s limitations.

How Many Solar Panels Does it Take to Power a Home?

Depending on factors such as the home’s size, the number of inhabitants, the family’s hot water usage, and preferred indoor temperatures, the average Modesto home uses about 13,000 kWh per year. Therefore, you’d need a system that could produce a minimum of 8.2 kilowatts. A standard solar panel produces approximately 300 watts, so you’d need roughly 30 to power a home.

Finding a Modesto Solar Power System Installer

Now that you’ve learned why Modesto is such a great place to generate solar energy—and how much it would cost to install such a system—it’s time to get started. There are numerous solar installers in and near Modesto, and it’s important for homeowners to find companies that suit their needs and fit their budget. In the sections below, we’ll review some of Modesto’s top solar installers.

  • Solar Harmonics: 2482 Turnberry Court, Brentwood, CA 94513. The team at Solar Harmonics is focused on the design and fabrication of solar power systems that don’t just meet customers’ goals but exceed them. With zero-down, no-cost loans, as well as no equity requirement, their financial options allow customers to take full advantage of state and local tax credits. Solar Harmonics installs agricultural, commercial, and residential solar power systems.
  • Your Energy Solutions: 290 Rickenbacker Circle, Livermore, CA 94551. Serving Livermore and the greater Modesto area, Your Energy Solutions prides itself on customer satisfaction. The company designs and builds its systems—it’s truly a one-stop destination for your solar energy needs.
  • Mid-State Solar: 450 Glass Lane, Modesto, CA 95356. In business since 1977, Mid-State Solar offers solar thermal and photovoltaic solutions for pool heating, hot water, and electricity. Their consultants will come to the home, provide an initial estimate, and work within a homeowner’s budget and energy needs to design a customized solution. They will even process any tax credits or rebates.
  • Sunlectric: 247 South Sierra Ave., Oakdale, CA 95361. With over a decade of solar installation experience in the Central Valley, Sunlectric designs customized solutions at reasonable prices. With several financing choices, full warranties, and much more, they’ll work with clients to ensure they’re getting the best products at the lowest prices.

Should Modesto Residents Get Solar Power? The Pros and Cons

The sun is a viable, renewable, and sustainable form of energy. We can only harness a tiny fraction of its power, but it can still meet all our energy requirements—and so much more. If you’re considering installing a solar power system, there’s a great deal of information available online, and some sources are more reliable than others. In this section, we’ll help you make an informed decision by listing the benefits and disadvantages of solar power.


  • Lower utility bills. Installing solar panels on a home can bring significantly lower power bills. Most of the effects are due to the aforementioned net energy metering, which allows solar-equipped homes to send unused power back to the grid.
  • Insurance against rising rates. Like other things in life, electricity is getting more expensive. When homeowners invest in solar energy, they make their own power—so they’re not as vulnerable to increases in utility rates.
  • A big return on your investment. The money received from net energy metering, as well as local and state incentives, will add up quickly. Most homeowners will see a return on the investment in eight years or less, and once the panels are paid off, the system will generate free power throughout its life.
  • Becoming energy independent. With solar power, Modesto homes are no longer reliant on the utility company’s power grid.
  • Solar energy is cheap. As we mentioned earlier, electricity is getting more expensive by the day. However, solar power is at its lowest price ever. 17% of America’s electricity generation is made up of renewable energy—and it’s time for more Modesto homeowners to get in on it.
  • Solar panels boost home values. Much of the popularity of these systems is due to their effects on home values. If you’re considering buying a system outright, the initial cost can be high. As a long-term investment, though, solar panels carry numerous benefits. According to a Zillow study from 2019, homes with solar panels sell for roughly four percent more than those without.
  • Solar energy is eco-friendly. Because solar power is a renewable energy source and it doesn’t produce greenhouse gases, it’s one of the world’s most eco-friendly options. When homes use solar panels to generate electricity, there are no harmful chemicals released into the atmosphere.

This wouldn’t be an objective, unbiased guide without a few cons. Here, we’ll list the disadvantages of residential solar power installations.

  • Solar panels take up a lot of space. Solar panels aren’t small—we’ve seen them in fields and on roofs. Most residential roofs have plenty of room for solar panels, but on larger projects, space becomes an issue.
  • It’s an intermittent source of energy. Some argue that solar power isn’t reliable for several reasons. First, the sun’s intensity varies based on time of year, time of day, and location. Second, solar panels don’t generate power after sunset. However, backup batteries provide a viable solution. They allow homeowners to store power and draw energy out when their solar panels aren’t active.
  • It’s a big upfront investment. If you’ve considered going solar, or if there are already solar panels on the roof, you’ve likely taken a financial hit. With great financing options such as zero-down loans, it’s possible to save money every month without a significant outlay of cash.
  • There’s an environmental effect. While solar energy is renewable and sustainable, there are environmental effects to consider. The manufacturing of residential solar panels does create some pollution, but the effects are much less than those associated with the burning and mining of fossil fuels.

While we believe that solar power is a great option for Modesto’s homeowners, we also believe in honesty and transparency. With these pros and cons, you’ll have all the information needed to make the right decision.

Solar Power: Is It a Good Investment?

You’ve made it to the end of our guide, which means you’ve already taken an important step toward a more controllable energy future. We’re in the midst of a renewable energy revolution, and Modesto’s homeowners are joining the party.

A few years ago, residential solar panels were uncommon. Today, though, more local homeowners are wondering how solar power can benefit them. Growth in California’s solar market is reaching unprecedented levels, and the industry is creating jobs all over the state.

As energy rates rise in cities across the country, solar energy is starting to make sense for Modesto’s homeowners. Thankfully, the cost of these systems has decreased substantially, making it a surprisingly affordable option.

Most of the reviews we found from past solar power customers were positive, and few indicated that they had any regrets about the decision to go solar. The overwhelming majority of dissatisfied customers were unhappy with the services they received, which is a problem in all service industries.

If you’re wondering if solar panels are worth it, the first step is to review recent electric bills. When they’re consistently high, homeowners are more likely to benefit from making the switch to solar energy. Because solar panels generate power, they can offset and potentially eliminate monthly electricity bills. Whether you’re going solar to help the environment, to save money on utilities, to increase the home’s value, or for other reasons, the time to act is now. Crunch the numbers, consider the benefits, and find a highly rated installer in Modesto. We’re here to help, so stay in touch with us!