Learning 2030 Blueprint

WGSI published the Learning 2030 Blueprint – a document that provides clear recommendations on building a learning environment that fosters critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation. These values are essential if we want to create a world free from dependence on fossil fuels and harnessing the true potential of solar power and other clean energy solutions.

It includes:

• An ‘ecosystem’ point-of-view to approaching learning that integrates students, teachers, and caregivers with their unique local contexts
• Case studies that showcase innovations and innovations in education from a diverse array of individuals and communities with variable access to resources
• Implementation pathways

Living Learning 2030 Blueprint

Contribute your experience to the Living Learning 2030 Blueprint at learning2030.org – an interactive, online experience where learners, teachers, and communities from around the world can share their stories and plans for change, and discuss common issues, and support one another in the ongoing process of bringing about change to transforming high school education.