Imagine a world with abundant, clean energy from the sun. How different would our human civilization be with fewer energy limitations – less risk of climate change, no peak oil, and unlimited solar energy to provide power to an exploding global population?

To explore this future, WGSI published the Energy 2030 Blueprint– a roadmap of some of the highest impact solar energy technologies that could scale over the coming decades, along with detailed implementation strategies that apply the latest scientific and technological thinking. It includes:

  • An energy ‘ecosystem’ point-of-view to approaching possible, lower carbon technologies
  • Potential pathways to help advance research, development and implementation of long-term solar energy solutions
  • Technical details that help convey the complexities, challenges and opportunities posed by a few transitional technologies and systems

Five Pillars

Here are the Five Pillars contained in the Solar Energy Blueprint:

  • Large Scale Storage for Renewable Energy From Solar Panels
  • Enhanced Geothermal
  • Advanced Nuclear
  • Off-Grid Electricity Access
  • Smart Urbanization