Discourse Media is excited to announce that it has selected four fellows for the second Access to Energy Journalism fellowship (AEJF) — a project aimed at producing critical, deep reporting on global energy poverty. This fellowship will focus on reporting about energy access in sub-Saharan Africa.

Journalists Adelana Olajide, Sally Nyakanyanga, Kossi Elom Balao and Gabrielle Nina Mitch will be reporting on energy access in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Togo, Benin and Democratic Republic of Congo.

By deepening energy poverty reporting through local coverage, this project aims to bring reporting together on an international platform, paint a global picture of the energy poverty landscape, and examine potential solutions including utility level solar installations and others.

As fellows dig into energy access solutions in their regions, we want to know what our role is in this. Led by award-winning South African-Reporter, Richard Poplak, Discourse Media will investigate our connection to energy development in sub-Saharan Africa, from renewables like solar technology and other sources as well.

“As journalism jobs are being cut back around the world, it’s important to look for creative ways to tell in-depth stories,” says Lindsay Sample, Managing Editor at Discourse Media. “I believe that through this collaborative reporting we can surface diverse perspectives and deepen the reporting on energy access globally.”

The reporting will be featured on Discourse’s Power Struggle platform and by each reporter’s local media outlet. If you’re interested in following this work, sign up for Discourse’s newsletter or follow on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

The AEJF is administered and produced by Discourse Media through funding from the Waterloo Global Science Initiative. WGSI’s support of the project does not imply endorsement of or influence over the content produced.

About Discourse Media:

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