Robert Nolan

Robert Nolan

Chair, Happy City St. John's

Rob Nolan is the Chair of Happy City St. John's, a local non-profit focused on informing, encouraging and facilitating public dialogue around civic issues in the city of St. John's. He is also an Assistant Registrar at Memorial University, where he oversees enrollment and registration initiatives.

A province whose economy has traditionally relied upon volatile natural resources with the oldest and fastest-aging population in Canada, Newfoundland & Labrador is experiencing unique challenges in relation to sustainable development. Rob is interested in finding any workable solutions that can be developed at the community level.

“At Happy City St. John's, we attempt to remain a neutral facilitator to provide a welcoming environment for community members to have an open dialogue toward finding creative solutions,” explains Rob. “I try to approach this with empathy and compassion, while aiming to support and empower community progress.” Rob plans on bringing his skills in consensus-building to the Summit, as well as representing a Newfoundland & Labrador perspective on sustainable development.

He’s also a self-described music fanatic – be it playing or listening to music or discovering new artists.