Optimized Geothermal Exploration: Borealis Geopower

Canada’s Geothermal energy industry made a big-step forward with a $2.4 million investment by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) in Calgary-based Borealis GeoPower’s optimal geothermal exploration project. Borealis GeoPower’s optimized geothermal exploration methodology is a carefully ordered set of processes and technologies that builds up an increasingly accurate picture of a geothermal resource, allowing the drilling of production wells precisely where they have the highest probability of hitting commercially-viable amounts of hot water. The program involves cutting-edge exploration techniques and innovative sub-surfacing reservoir modeling to help reduce the overall risk associated with exploration drilling.

The Canadian Geothermal Association estimates that there is 5 GW worth of readily-accessible high-temperature geothermal resources in Canada, mostly in British Columbia. A significant barrier to exploiting geothermal energy is financing exploration: the current approach fails to provide a feasible return on investment.

Borealis GeoPower Inc. is a private Canadian corporation focused on developing high temperature geothermal energy projects. Established in 2007, it is currently working on geothermal projects in Western Canada. Consortium partners on the Optimized Exploration project are the Kitselas First Nation and Enbridge.

Location:  Borealis Geopower is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  The Optimized Geothermal Exploration program would be applied to a project at Lakelse Lake near Terrace, British Columbia. 

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