Hisham Zerriffii

Hisham Zerriffi

Associate Professor and the Ivan Head South/North Research Chair, Liu Institute for Global Issues, University of British Columbia

Hisham Zerriffi is the Ivan Head South/North Research Chair at the Liu Institute for Global Issues at the University of British Columbia. He has spent over a decade conducting leading research on energy decision-making, regulations and markets for energy access in the developing world.

Hisham’s research group uses interdisciplinary approaches to develop evidence-based policy recommendations for all stakeholders in the energy access space—governments to donors, private sector firms to individual households.

“There are strong built-in incentives and disincentives that make achieving energy access difficult,” Hisham says. One of the problems is misleading assumptions about how decisions get made. “The decision-making environment, even at the household level, is much more complex than it is often assumed to be,” he says.

He sees the summit as a valuable forum for developing a roadmap for reducing barriers and creating support for accelerating energy access especially where policy is underdeveloped. Hisham has had “the great pleasure to mentor and collaborate with amazing graduate students,” and will no doubt be reprising his role as teacher at the summit. However, he also hopes to learn from the other participants. “Particularly those directly involved in trying to implement energy access solutions in the field,” he says.