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Equinox Summit: Energy 2030


How can we use the latest science and technology to prepare for an electricity-hungry future while limiting our impact on the planet?

This was the fundamental question behind the Equinox Summit: Energy 2030 – a multinational, multigenerational, and multidisciplinary collaboration between scientists, policy experts, entrepreneurs, and a forum of future leaders from across the world.

From June 5-9, 2011 summit participants shortlisted the most promising energy technologies for the generation, distribution, and storage of electricity. Then, they outlined a roadmap to their implementation in the decades ahead. Their recommendations for investment and focus culminated in the Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030.

Recap Energy 2030

Daily plenary sessions and panel debates engaged students and members of the public – onsite, online, and on TVO – who sought information on novel approaches to learning in the decades ahead. Recap Energy 2030 through photosblog entries and video.


Download Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030


Equinox Blueprint: Energy 2030 – released in February 2012 – helped to benchmark the current state of electricity generation, distribution, and storage around the world, and provided:

  • An energy ‘ecosystem’ point-of-view to approaching possible, lower carbon technologies
  • Potential pathways to help advance research, development and implementation of long-term energy solutions  
  • Technical details that help convey the complexities, challenges and opportunities posed by a few transitional technologies and systems