Billy Yarro

Billy Yarro

West Africa Energy Lead, Practical Action

Billy Yarro is the West Africa Energy Lead for Practical Action. He is a voice for those at the ‘bottom of the pyramid’ - those without access to energy and living on an income of less than $2.50 USD a day. “Enabling energy access is a key lever for realizing the potential of the world’s poor,” says Billy.

Billy contributes to Practical Action’s Poor People’s Energy Outlook, an annual publication that takes a multidimensional approach to energy access; ‘access’ meaning when the full range of energy supplies and services required to support human social and economic development are available to households, enterprises and community service providers.

His other projects include the Moving Energy Initiative in Burkina Faso and a market study for an an irrigation power system in Senegal. “One of the most significant roadblocks to energy access I’ve encountered is the engagement of key stakeholders,” says Billy, “from people on the ground, to the private sector and government bodies.”

Using his experience to motivate others is something Billy does through training sessions across West Africa and what he hopes to accomplish at the Summit. Billy’s energy outlook is bright, “When I was working in Cameroon, we used to say ‘believe that in 2020, we will be able to bring light to all Cameroonians.’”